FREE BOOK Reveals How to Heal from a Narcissist Ex…and Start to Feel Safe and Confident Again.

Written By Heather Kent, Psychotherapist


In This Revolutionary Book I Teach Women Who Are Recovering From Narcissistic Relationships To Feel Safe And Confident Again

You will learn:
  • The different types of narcissistic personalities and their defining traits (p. 27)

  • How to best navigate the separation/divorce process from a narcissist (p. 44)

  • The impact of long-term exposure to trauma on the brain (p. 54)

  • The signs and symptoms of PTSD (p. 59) 

  • How to take care of yourself and find support (p. 70)

  • How to gain control over your emotions so they no longer take over your decision-making (p. 85)

  • Specific strategies to heal from the pain, fear, and suffering that has kept you stuck (p. 98)

  • Tips and tools on how to deal with your narcissistic ex and regain your power in those situations (p. 112)

  • How to find your voice and speak up for your needs (p. 126)

  • Proven strategies to navigate parenting your kids with a narcissistic ex-partner (p. 145) 

and so much more....

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Hi, I'm Heather Kent

I'm a Registered Psychotherapist from Ontario, Canada with a background in trauma assessment and treatment. I'm the #1 Amazon bestselling author of the books I Left My Toxic Relationship – Now What? and Heal From Your Narcissist Ex.


Much of my professional practice is focused on helping clients through the process of recovering from the trauma of abusive relationships.


Chantal S.

"The tools and advice that Heather provides to help you break free and heal from abusive relationships is life changing. I am so lucky to have been able to learn from her wisdom. I have gone from a woman who completely gave away my power to now realizing my worth, owning who I am and most importantly, loving myself. I now have the confidence to take on the world and any challenges that come my way. "

Monica H.

I attended Heather Kent's Healing From Narcissistic Abuse Therapy Program, and read her book, Heal From Your Narcissistic Ex.  I highly recommend both resources to anyone wanting to recover from narcissistic abuse.  The format creates a circle of support, and the in-depth information on narcissistic abuse is necessary for the healing process.  The coping skills taught, and the many resources supplied, enable healing to take place in a supportive and understanding environment.  Both resources were an invaluable part of my healing journey.

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